Cycle to Work Day 2017: 6 Reasons why you should cycle to work

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The 13th of September is the UK’s fifth annual Cycle to Work Day, a day to celebrate commutes and show some love to the environment. Sadly, only  9% of Brits currently cycle to work regularly. We think that should change, so here’s six reasons you should consider cycling to work…

Feel fresh in the morning

Whilst the first 10 minutes or so might feel like a bit of a battle, once you’ve gotten into a rhythm you’ll be away. By the time you’ve got to work and sat down at your desk you’ll be feeling fresh and alert for the day ahead.

cycling to work morning

Beat the traffic

Unfortunately for a lot of us the cycling commute is not the most scenic ride, but weaving in and out of the stationary traffic on the main road in and out of town has its perks. You can’t help but feel smug knowing that you’ll be home 20 minutes before those whose journey was engine powered.

Beating the traffic cycling to work

Cheaper than driving

Not just cheaper than driving, cheaper than the bus, the train or virtually anything else. Of course there are costs when it comes to buying and maintaining your bike, but with programmes like the Cycle2Work scheme, the cost of bikes, safety equipment and clothing can all be reduced.

City cycling to work

Dopamine boost

You might think that first thing in the morning or straight after a long day at work is the last time you’d want to be out on your bike. You’re tired, stressed and rushed. Well a swift bike ride can solve all of those problems and you’ll finish the ride feeling better and more relaxed than you started it.

cycling to work through park

Bonus rides

It can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in a quick ride, and subsequently your humble two-wheeled steed is left collecting dust until the weekend. But if you’re already out on your bike after work it can become much easier to turn that 5 mile commute into a meandering 20 mile ride and before you know it, bonus ride!

Bonus rides

Incidental exercise

The average UK commuter travels 10 miles to work and 10 miles back, so depending on how fast you’re cycling that’s anywhere between 100-180 minutes of extra physical activity every day! That might sound like a lot, but given the average Brit now faces a two hour round commute anyway you could actually be saving yourself time too!

incidental exercise from riding to work

So there we have it, six reasons why you should jump straight out of bed and onto your bike tomorrow morning. What’s your best reason to cycle to work? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

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